Outdoor Umbrella

Outdoor Umbrella Store In VADODARA

Shangarfurnishings Outdoor Umbrella range offers a perfect combination of innovative and refined forms, sophisticated and quality materials and workmanship, as well as practicality of use. Our wide ranges of models are designed to adapt to the individual characteristics of each space and protect against sun and rain, whilst completing and enhancing them.

Side Post Umbrellas

The side post in aluminium umbrellas offers a large covering area, the base is moved with respect to shadow area and can be used as a planter. The closing and opening are easy and light thanks to the winch crank. The wide range offered has multiple combinations of materials and finishing. The covers are available in different colors.

Central Pole Umbrellas

Umbrellas with central pole in wood and aluminium are an ideal solution for creating functional and versatile shaded areas. They are available in different shapes and sizes and can be placed in one of the bases of different shapes. The closing and opening are easy and light, thanks to the double pulley. The covers are available in different colors and weights.

Retractable Umbrellas

New model with opening system allows easy closure of the umbrella, without moving the furniture. Retractable umbrella has easy opening and grade, aesthetics, special attention in foreseeing possible assistance or easy restore by the final customer.


Durable and Maintenance Free

Based on aluminium and iron poles and frames, Shangar furnishings Outdoor umbrellas are rust resistant and durable. These outdoor umbrellas are easily installed and need very low maintenance.

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