Deck Flooring


As outdoor living becomes a rapidly growing lifestyle phenomenon, outdoor flooring is emerging as an intimate element of outdoor living. You are almost always in contact with it. Consequently, you ask a lot from it. There are so many reasons to love Deck Tiles.

The tiles can be installed over any floor with a relatively flat surface. Balcony decks, Roof top decks, Front porches, Surrounding pool decks, Surrounding spas decks, Surrounding hot tub decks, Sunroom, Backyard decks, Walkways.

Shangar furnishings provides natural IPE deck flooring. Designed ergonomically, which creates a non-slippery/anti-slip surface with a good grip. It is also very useful for the bare foot, because of its unique nature of natural deck flooring, it is very effective for wet areas like the surrounding of swimming pools, gardens, parks etc

It is also recommended for the walkways and jogging tracks. It provides relaxation and comfort to the people. The functional design of natural deck flooring is very useful for the decoration of the adjoining path between the homes and garden. It is also applicable to solve the landscaping problems.

Decking boards need proper cutting to make it appropriate for the spas and seating areas. Natural deck flooring is also perfect for the outdoor rooms. This floor is capable to add value and style to any home.

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