Artificial Grass

Artificial grass in vadodara

Every home owner dreams to have a beautiful and attractive home outdoor. shangar furnishings have best quality Artificial grass in vadodara. That is the reason the need for smart investment in the right kind of landscaping services has also soared up. If you are seeking the most long-lasting and safest landscape cover for your garden or lawn, then you are at the right place. The pole to pillar solution to surface cover gardens, lawns, public places and play grounds and home balcony.

Looks Like Real Grass

Artificial grass is made of fibers that closely represent the natural texture of grass. Its lush green color is evenly blended throughout with a mix of gold and yellow that lends Greens the weathered look of real grass.

Save Water

Our water smart design enables our Artificial grass, to save upto 73,000 litres of water annually in residential use and as much as 2,92,000 litres of water in commercial use in comparison to natural grass.

No Maintenance

Greens require no weeding, mowing, or cropping to stay lush green all throughout the year. Just kick back and relax in your breakout areas with Greens that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces

Top quality of Artificial Grass, which is offered to our customers at highly affordable prices. This artificial grass comes with the assurance of longer life as these are made up of premium quality of raw material

No Harmful Metals

Our Artificial grass come with no harmful metals, unlike the conventional artificial grass that contains damaging toxins like lead. This makes our Artificial grass an ideal option for your kids and pets to play around safely.

25 mm artificial grass in vadodara

Small yet effective. Greens in 25mm is ideal for areas of light footfall. The perfect companion for your evening chill outs in the balcony. The low pile height also enables you to identify pebbles and other smaller objects easily.

35 mm artificial grass in vadodara

The go to choice. Greens in 35 mm is designed for spaces with medium footfall. This is what you need to create the perfect office breakout zones. The medium pile height allows the perfect natural grass feel, easy to clean and maintain. Along with providing a cushiony feel and underfoot comfort, it is pet friendly too. The fibers are soft and do not cause any skin rashes or itchiness

45 mm artificial grass

The one to take it all. Greens in 45 mm is the ultimate solution for areas of high footfall. Be it your office entrances or your outdoor lawns, landscaping it can endure it all. The most densely packed fibers provide the best cushiony feel and even better underfoot comfort, providing the highest resilience and endurance.

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