Window Blinds in Vadodara

We work with knowledgeable, skilled, and well experienced professionals in designing every product and the same applies for blinds or shades, as some might call it. The range of blinds at Shangar furnishings are not only functional but they are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. From wooden blinds to cordless blinds and vertical blinds, you can find everything here at Shangar furnishings


Roller blinds continue to capture the imagination and fit into any décor with ease. Designed to impress with a luxurious collection of textures

Zebra Blinds

Shangarfurnishings Sheer Dimout blinds, also known as Zebra Blinds worldwide, offer a melody of sheer and opaque combination of the same fabric, enticing and delighting the viewers. 


S-Contour blinds are also known as the Triple Shade blinds all across the world. Vista S Contour blinds offer stunning usability


Skylight Roman blinds are elegant and provide a modern look.Marvel Roman blinds are fixed together without any stitch mechanism which

Vertical BLINDS

Shangarfurnishings Vertical blinds add a new dimension to the home or office interiors, they are versatile, low maintenance and give you..


These are built with strong Aluminium slats, the highest quality mechanisms and the most stylish colours


Wooden Blinds are an elegant and practical addition to any indoor space! Its versatility allows for matching with most 

Honeycomb Blinds

shangarfurnishings Cellular blinds, also known as the honeycomb blinds, will act as a distinctive addition to your space

Bamboo blinds

Bamboo Blinds take you closest to nature with their authentic raw material and incredible shades. Bamboo Blinds offers textures that are a literal treat to your eyes.

Outdoor Blinds

Designed to withstand torrential rains and intense wind pressure, without blocking the outside view


Adding a skylight can be a great way of making a room brighter and more open, giving a spacious feel.But all that sunlight can be a little glaring and can 

Acoustic blinds

Your neighbor’s dog is barking again. Or you live on a busy street and constantly hear traffic noise….?
No matter whether you’re trying to enjoy

Motorized blinds

Shangarfurnishings blind automation solutions run on Motor with integrated radio control. A multi-purpose unit motorizes a host of smaller products

Monsoon blinds

Ideal for for open areas, Louverline’s Monsoon blinds protect against the onslaught of the monsoon, and gusty winds. Usage of transparent sheets ensures visibility both ways.

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Most blind dealers offer a limited period warranty on their products. This may include repair, service, or exchange of the blinds within that period.

While curtains are great in terms of keeping light at bay, but unfortunately it reduces the small amount light. Blinds provide more of sunlight and wind we can adjust the slats according to our requirement.

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