The Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds in Vadodara

Honeycomb Blinds

shangarfurnishings Cellular blinds, also known as the honeycomb blinds, will act as a distinctive addition to your space. These blinds are developed and manufactured with a unique honeycomb structure that traps air and insulates the room. This feature helps in controlling the temperature in your room. Durable and easy to install, the shangarfurnishings Cellular blinds come in a wide array of fabrics, textures and colours.

Control the Sun

The Cellular blinds also offer extreme control on sunlight with Top Down Bottom Up, and day and night mechanisms, manual and remote controlled. shangarfurnishings cellular blinds have a solar protective coating, which reduces heat build up. These blinds are also coated with acrylic finish to protect against weathering.

Energy Efficient Blinds

The best choice for energy efficiency, our custom Honeycomb Shades fit nearly any style of window, including skylights, arches, sliders and small windows. Seven light-filtering options, from semi-sheer to blackout, meet your light control needs.

Light Meets Color

The Honeycomb Shades are specially designed blinds that ensure complete privacy as well as protection against heat and light radiation. These are made from crease-resistant soft fabrics and have a smooth texture. Our innovative honeycomb construction creates air pockets where light meets color.


Ready for You

Cellular shades get their name and insulating power from their honeycomb shape that traps air between the window and the room, buffering against heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Double cell shades offer maximum insulation. Light filtering or blackout fabrics provide privacy and light control choices in a wide array of colors, textures and even patterns.

Get Inspired

Customize your honeycomb shade with convenient lift options including cordless, top down-bottom up, and motorized remote control. Combining aesthetics and functionality, Shangar furnishings  cellular blinds are an ideal choice for home and office use for the style conscious.

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Most blind dealers offer a limited period warranty on their products. This may include repair, service, or exchange of the blinds within that period.

While curtains are great in terms of keeping light at bay, but unfortunately it reduces the small amount light. Blinds provide more of sunlight and wind we can adjust the slats according to our requirement.

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