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Floral wallpaper is sure to add a touch of class to your walls – perfect for the woodland lover. Imported flower wallpapers has shimmer effect backgrounds or exquisite metallic highlights to really bring the flowers to life. Try spicing up your walls with floral wallpaper, with hints of flowers and leaves to add a serene quality to your room.

Floral wallpaper in neutral tones bring an elegant sophistication to any room in your house. A bright and big floral design highlights the wall in a room.At Shangar furnishings we have huge collection of flower wallpapers from delicate blossoms to large roses in variety of colors, suitable for any room in your hous

Available in broad spectrum of colors and finishes, our flower wallpapers can be used to create an entirely stunning look for your house or commercial space. Whether you want to decorate your living room, bedroom, study room or children’s room, we have the flower designs that is just right for your house. Our floral or flower wallpaper comes at an affordable price, yet provides every bit of quality that you would expect.
If you are looking for metallic floral wallpaper, flower designs with silver or gold foiling effect, then view our wide range of metallic wallpaper designs. Traditional and minimal flower designs are ideal for spacious room while bolder pattern like black floral wallpaper will add a dramatic effect to your area. One single roll of wallpaper yields approximately 50 square feet of usable wallpaper.

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  • Wallpapers are long-lasting like paint and can be replaced within few hours without much discomfort to the inmates.
  • Being one of the premier wallpaper suppliers in Vadodara we at curtain spa can help increase your savings by providing more wholesale rates.
  • At Shangar furnishings , you will get wallpapers that can be wiped with a clean cloth or sponge and can be maintained for a long period.
  • At shangarfurnishings, we have industry professionals who will help to put up the wallpapers with perfection.
  • At shangarfurnishings, we deal with the popular and variety of wallpaper finishes which include vinyl, glitter, matte, canvas, etc.
  • Being one of the premier wallpaper suppliers in Vadodara we at curtain spa can help increase your savings by providing more reasonable rates.
  • Vinyl is considered as best as it is durable, easy to install, easy to clean
  • At Shangar furnishings we have many other popular wallpapers available as customers desire exquisite quality
  • In the long run, it is not as durable as the traditional non-woven wallpapers
  • At shangarfurnishings , we offer premium quality wallpapers which are long-lasting.
  • At shangarfurnishings, we have a varied range of colors, designs, patterns, and textures that adds character to a room and makes it stand out plus it is long-lasting than paint which is like icing on the cake so definitely it is worth.
  • It depends on how do you want to portray your room example if you want a vintage look, classy look, or something funny if it is a kid’s room you get a different range of wallpapers to choose from there 
  • Wallpaper can easily cover any defects on the wall adding more depth and gives a classy vibe which is another reason why wallpaper is a better option. Care should be taken to ensure that the wall is not damp.
  • Wallpapering over bumpy walls might look unattractive but our experts at curtain spa will explain to you in detail and take all the precautions before and will work with perfection giving the best results.

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