Broadloom Carpets

Broadloom Carpets in Vadodara

Grand interiors are not complete without Carpets and Rugs. Carpets and Rugs have the ability to give your interior a splendid effect with exceptional beauty and luxury. Shangar furnishings is here to help you personalize your space by bringing all your fantasy down on your floor. We offer more stylish and sophisticated products with a wide array of patterns and textures for all different budgets. Our soft and soothing Carpets with a broad spectrum of outstanding and blossoming colors say the artistic expression of your space.

The Importance of Carpets and Rugs

Rugs brighten up the room and give warmth and comfort for those who walk, sit and sometimes lie on the rugs. When placed on top of the carpet, they protect the carpet from traffic, spills and abrasive soils thus slowing down the wear process and protecting your carpet

Carpet flooring adds warmth and comfort to a room by enchanting its value. Looking after a new carpet flooring is a quick and easy procedure, carpet is a popular, decorative and practical flooring that provides an extra layer of insulation to retain warmth and regulate temperature extremes. Carpet is definitely the safest type of flooring due to it’s non-slip surface. It minimizes injuries when slips and falls do occur and this makes it ideal for families with young children and elderly people. There are thousands of colors, styles, textures and designs available to the shape and size desired. You can choose a carpet according to your own personal taste, depending on the color scheme of your room

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